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Wednesday, June 06 2018
Working Through The Blues 2

Part of the latest.  So far untitled.

'If you force your creativity you only get 2nd class rubbish, so I am obliged to find something to do till my head is ready to squeeze out a bit more'

                                                                                                                                                                                   Ivor Cutler

Thanks Ivor now I do n't feel bad about lurking around my allotment and being in the garden till the small hours! Stuff the neighbours! I am waiting for the muse to strike!  That stash of denim hoicked out of a box is looking better than I imagined.   I have been working from a black and white photograph.  The image is a microcosm in its own right.  I love denim fabrics and they look better when they get old and break down and age.  There is a sense of comfort in the cycles of its manufacture, use, wear, break, stitch, use, fade, re-dye, re-use, repeat.  It makes me feel safe and part of something.  A very wise something.  I think we all need to appreciate cloth more - especially utility cloth.

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