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Wednesday, May 30 2018
Working Through The Blues


hand stitched denim with sashiko thread

8 x 8 cm

Last year I grew some woad on my allotment and dyed some handspun with the leaves.  When watching the colour develope I realised how much I love those colour hues and got hooked.  I ve since read Indigo Egyptian Mummies to Blue Jeans by Jenny Balfour-Paul, The Ultimate Sashiko Source Book by Susan Briscoe and Stitched Shibori by Jane Callender.  These are all fantastic books and I have a brain full of shades of blues, layers of stitches, and ghosts and spirits running around alchemical dye-pots.  I am going to keep trying with the dye pot and have bought some indigo.  Problem is its quite a lengthy process and I am not feeling confident with the brewing process.  Onwards and upwards.  To give me some instant grattification the stash of old jeans came out and I stitched this pollen grain.  (I've just finished reading Pollen The Hidden Sexuality of Flowers by Kesseler and Harley so have a head full of pollen grains as well.  Thankyou Jackie and Mark.  It is another amazing book!) 

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