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Tuesday, May 29 2018
The Beginning


56 x 56 cm

Machine Embroidery, mixed papers, threads and braids, arylic paint on tyvek and lutradur.

  One  balmy summer evening while enjoying a walk across the dam on Chase Water reservoir I noticed a family group across the water out on the pier. With horror I watched the child take the life ring out of the box and throw it in the water with an acknowledging cheer and clap of support from the parents!!!!!!???? I was incredulous so I shouted across the water "what the hell have you just done that for?"  In reply I was told to f**** off from both the mum and dad accompanied by lots of aggressive arm waving.  Feeling brave because they would have to run a long way to try and catch me (and neither looked like they could run any way) I shouted back "What the hell is someone going to do when they have fallen in and need that because they can not swim and are dying?" again I was told to f*** off.  "Ok I hope the next people that are drowning and in need of it is you!" The penny dropped, both parents looked dumb founded and the child looked uncomfortable.  I see this happening all around me and it puts the fear of God into me:  people knowingly going through red traffic lights, people overtaking on blind bends, people throwing life rings away like rubbish etc etc etc Why do people care so little for anything even themselves?

This vandalised life bouy box was on the side of Stowe pool in Lichfield which I walk past while going to work.  "I wonder?" I thought one day while passing by and curiously lifted the lid.  I can not say I was surprised, the ring was not there! I am glad I am not a member of 'team lifeboy'!

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