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Tuesday, March 12 2019

Sketch book drawing in pencil of a view on Harborough rocks

Teachers constantly tell you to use your

'drawing muscle.  Keep using it, it is very useful and fill sketch books full of ideas, use it or loose it, make sure that you exercise it regularly'.

I totally agree.  What they fail to say is how to connect and give that piece of work - what ever you are making soul, presence, sense of purpose, in the moment, meaning, call it what you will.  I believe that you need to be interested in what the subject is, to love it, have some sort of emotion about it, really find it interesting, be attracted on a deeper level, want to meet and say 'hello.'  To learn from the 'thing' and let the 'thing' learn from you.  Connection is really important and learned fear or fear of the collective 'eye' can be crippling along with excessive technique.  Really look at your subject, communicate and feel as you draw and let the pencil reveal all.   Be brave and say hello to your still life and see what it has to say in return.

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