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Friday, March 01 2019
Its the 1st of March already aaarggh!

A good bit of huge junk at the quarry on Harborough rocks.

Time is going to quickly.  It makes me want to panic just lately because I am really noticing it.  I feel as if I have just stepped onto a travolator on hyper drive or accidentally dropped into a washing machine drum on spin.  My studio has had a bit of a make over with a new woodburner and everything has had a good clean and tidy and have visited the tip.  Why does empty space just fill up with stuff?? I find it pretty fascinating especially when I have not bought or brought it! Perhaps it is like mother nature not liking bare soil and plants grow really quickly if given the  space to protect the nutrients within.  Junk can be mental nutrients to inspire, so is a messy studio is like a good heap of thought manure?  Sweet.  Respect the junk.  Saying that though why does it feel heavenly having space to clear and focus your mind? You can not have one with out the other.  As an artist I think you need both, so does that mean that life fills you up with stuff to clutter your meditations on purpose to give you something valuable to focus on and think about?  Hmmmm interesting.  I'll shut up now.

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