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Wednesday, February 20 2019

I find it so difficult to focus at this time of year.  I can feel the sap rising and my allotment is shouting "work on me !!!"  It is very easy to be distracted but in a good busy way.  I have been hand and machine stitching some denim bits together that  I started last year based around reflections on water, and thinking about this new year about how to be more productive.  I always think it is amazing how the subconsious bubbles up from deep within and affects and reflects your actions and how quiet, careful observation can help to notice what is actually happening in the bigger picture all around. Consiousness.  Environment.  Influence.  Control.  You can mix these up in any order  and apply for profound consequence.  On a lighter note, it is so difficult finding embroidery threads that are not silky and shiny and similar to sashiko thread in a range of colours.  DMC do one called soft matt.  Do u think anybody stocks it in a shop?  No.  When i get my little mits on some hopefully good stitching will happen.  Any ideas would be gratefully received. Have got some grey matt Rico crotchet cotton which might work instead.  I got my first e-mail enquiry today from a stranger asking about what the embroidery pussy power means.  It is so good to have somebody who is interested and actually wants to talk. Thankyou!

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