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Thursday, January 24 2019
Keep yourself Dancing

I have a note on my ideas board to my self and it says: 'how do I dance? keep yourself dancing'  With great difficulty ha ha and in private! This stitching means so much you wouldn't believe it and its not that amazing but it has some how connected me back to myself, perhaps because it uses bits of yarn that have been in my stash for years (some bits are even left overs from the mill in Leek where grandma worked.  Yep 1970's acylic)   I was sitting there thinking about the beehives  and the crotchet and what if ? What if I pertend to be in a scary place and be a small child and make them again?   Grab the chance do it and you will always find something.  It may not be important to others but if its important to yourself, that is, as far as I am concerned what is real.  Make terrible knots, stitches that are cringeworthy and embarassing.  Get into a tangled mess if you want to.  Things can be untangled.  Keep yourself dancing all night long. 

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