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Saturday, January 19 2019
Pussy Power

Success.  I don't believe it.  Pusssy Power has been selected for The Harley Gallery Open Exhibition which opens from today until the 24th March.  I was going to wuss out and not try because I thought I wasn't good enough but Giles made me do it (with good old fashioned help and support) The artist statement with it goes as follows:

Pussy Power is one of a series of ongoing embroideries to express my frustration at the things I see happening around me. I call them “Bollock Monsters” because, let’s face it, we all want to shout “Bo***cks” at some of the situations we see, even though we may not be brave enough to do so.This piece of work represents my feelings about draconian attitudes, the environment and hate towards other people, and is a comment about the lack of respect towards women and their positive power, which has been suppressed throughout time by those in control.

Freehand Embroidery on Canvas

I find it curious that it wouldn't be out there without male help and encouragement.  I can see that Yin and Yang symbol in my minds eye again with 'tolerence' written underneath it.

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